Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti Under Ministry of H.R.D., Govt.of India

Significance of Art & Culture

India has a rich and varied treasure of Folk dances. The south Indian attitude towards art, dance & music has been an expression of the inner beauty of the divine. It is believed that the soul finds its highest expression in art, dance & music. The Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti has taken up the mission of reviving & propagating the spiritually enriching Folk cultural heritage of India. This is an effort to save the art forms from passing into the oblivion. Apart from the classical dance forms India is rich in Folk dances which contribute greatly to the cultural, artistic heritage of India. In this context the Samiti is organizing Regional cultural Meet every year to give back the glory & reorganization that is due to the Indian Folk culture which has been passing into a state of neglection.

This is a sincere effort, a movement, for generating awareness among the youth of India about the richness of our cultural heritage and making it an integral part of our life. After all our Culture is what gives us our identity.

The famous Folk dances of Andhra Pradesh like Batukamma, Bonalu, Lambadi, Tappetagullu, Dhimsa, Butta Bommalu, Chindu Bhagavatham, Veera Naatyam, Gobbi, Mathuri, Dandaria, Dappu, Chekkabajana and Rela-Rela etc. are various variations of Folk dances that are performed in various pockets of the Region.

In Karnataka most Folk dance forms have sacred origin and revolve around deep inner experience. The Folk dances in this Region are either religious or secular. Nanthidhwaja, Beesukamsali, Pata Kunitha, Soma Kunitha, Puja Kunitha, Bana Davara Kunitha, Bhoota Nrutya, Sunha Nrutya, Uri Maramm, Puravanthike, Yakshagana etc. Elaborate costumes, make up and Masks are an integral part of these dance forms.

The Folk dances of Gods own country - Kerala are Padayani, Kaikottukati, Vattakali, Dappukali, Kolkali, Mudiyettu, Kakkarissikati, Moplankati, and Poyakulukali etc. Most of the dance forms of Kerala are deeply religious, spiritual and have their own district style which is quite different from other regions of south India. Many dances are performed in community festivals irrespective of barriers of religion.

Art can heal,

          Art can cure,

                    Art can emancipate the soul.

Art in Education is an integral part of the objectives of NVS. In this regard the Samithi has opened the doors of rational and reflective vision for the students of Navodaya by giving them accessibility to the wonderful world of creative expression. The Samithi has provided a platform for the budding artists of rural India growing up in the JNVs around the country to the enriching world of color, expression and wings of imagination through various mediums of art forms.

Note: The Photographs of Regional Cultural Meet & Art Exhibition may be seen in the Photo gallery of this office web site.